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Some Secret about Pregnancy

Pregnancy is very sensitive topic, and many want to get detailed information. For example, when is the best age for pregnancy? Many said, younger is better, but is it true?

20s seem to be the best age for pregnancy, but there is also downside. They are not as likely to look after yourself as well as an older women. Also, they have a higher risk of pre-eclampsia. So, how about 30s? It could be the best age because they are hopefully established their career and are financially stable. Then, 40s is too old? Pregnancy can be very medicalised at this age, with lots of tests and scans. But mums who have babies in their 40s tend to be happy with who they are and what they've achieved.

In summary, it is really hard to decide the best age for pregnancy. Then, whats kind of risk you need to consider? Many is afraid of breast cancer risk, so lets look at this topic.

Pregnancy is a time of breast development and hormone changes, so it is not surprising that it affects your breast cancer risk. However, this relationship is complex. Both the age when you give birth to your first child and the number of children you give birth to affect your risk.

This is really complicating, and it is very hard to write about this in detail here. I recommend you to talk to your doctor to get detailed and accurate information.

Finally, how much does it cost to have a baby? As well as being an exciting and life-changing time, having a baby is a very expensive time too. It is realy depends, but you need to check the information, such as baby bonus and child care assistance. To calculate all the cost, you need to get one important thing - INFORMATION.